3 Must-Take Security Steps for Businesses With Web Apps

Virtually every small business does better with a comprehensive online presence – even those that don’t sell products over the web or operate on a very local basis. Most businesses see their web traffic skyrocket when they offer web apps that appeal to their consumer base. From fashion apps to weather apps to games, getting web apps out there is a smart way to advertise. However, it can also backfire if you don’t protect your business and your consumers from malware and cyber-attacks.

Protect Bandwidth

A cyber-attack can decrease the speed of your bandwidth. Whether it’s downloading your app, sending updates or even operating the app through your server, you can’t put out a slow product. Customers have endless options for both entertaining and utilitarian apps. They’ll spread the word about slow-moving apps, and the number of downloads will decrease. Even if you work to repair the problem, it may be too late if you’ve already exposed a vulnerable product.

Keep Information Safe

Collecting customer information such as names, locations, and buying habits in exchange for use of the app could prove valuable to your business. If you charge for your app or add-ons, you’ll also have access to your customers’ credit and debit card numbers. As such, you have an obligation to keep that sensitive information safe. The more popular your app the more likely it is to become a target of malware or a cyber-attack that aims to steal your customers’ information. Should they succeed, you won’t easily be able to attract customers back to your app, even if you scramble to make up for the mistake.

Aim for Speed

It takes only a couple of minutes for a cyber-attack to exploit the vulnerabilities in the typical web app. You need a program that monitors your data around the clock and can work immediately to defend against an attack. If it doesn’t work fast enough, it may as well simply not work at all.

Before you launch your web app, get in touch with a digital security company that offers 24-hour security and monitoring such as the software here: http://www.trendmicro.com/us/business/cloud-data/index.html. If you’ve already launched an app or have even experienced malware issues, it’s still not too late. Work fast to win your customer’s trust by offering a smooth, safe experience with your apps.